Cathedral of Pisa
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Architect unknown
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Location Pisa, Italy   map
Date 1063 to 1350   timeline
Building Type church complex
 Construction System bearing masonry, cut stone, white marble
Climate mediterranean
Context church complex and tower
Style Romanesque
Notes The cathedral complex includes the famous Leaning Tower, La Torre Pendente. White marble with colonnaded facades.


West front, Cathedral

West front, Cathedral

Main door, west front,


Section Drawing

Section Drawing

Axonometric Drawing

Elevation Drawing

Plan Drawing

Site Plan Drawing

Detail Drawing

Engraving, cathedral, with baptistry in left foreground, and Leaning Tower behind.

Perspective Drawing

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Discussion Cathedral of Pisa Commentary

"Pisa Cathedral with Baptistery, Campanile and Campo Santo, together form one of the most famous building groups in the world. The cathedral is one of the finest of the Romanesque period and has a strongly marked individuality. It resembles other early basilican churches in plan, with long rows of columns connected by arches, double aisles, and a nave which has the usual timber roof. The exterior has bands of red and white marble, and the ground storey is faced with wall relief by tiers of wall passages which rise one above another right into the gable. The transepts, each with an apse at the end, were an advance on the simple basilican plan. The elliptical dome over the crossing is of later date. The building depends for its interest on its general proportions and on the delicacy of its ornamental features, rather than on any new structural development, such as may be seen in northern Italy."

— Sir Banister Fletcher. A History of Architecture. p315.

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