Ancient Roman Architecture
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  Arch of Severus, by unknown, at Rome, Italy, 205.

Arch of Titus, by unknown, at Rome, Italy, 81.

Baths at Ostia, by unknown, at Ostia, Italy, circa 150.

City of Timgad, by unknown, at Algeria, 100.

Domus Aurea, by Severus and Celer, at Rome, Italy, A.D. 64.

Hadrian's Summertime Theater, by unknown, at Tivoli, Italy, 125 to 135.

Hadrian's Villa, by unknown, at Tivoli, Italy, about 120.

Hunting Baths, by unknown, at Leptis Magna, Libya, ~200.

Library at Ephesus, by unknown, at Ephesus, Turkey, 117 to 120.

Maison Carree, by unknown, at Nimes, Provence, France, -16.

Markets of Trajan, by Apollodorus of Damascus, at Rome, Italy, 100 to 112.

Mausoleum of Augustus, by unknown, at Rome, Italy, -25.

Pantheon, by unknown, at Rome, Italy, 118 to 126.

Pont du Gard, by unknown, at Nimes, France, -15 to 14.

Roman Colosseum, by unknown, at Rome, Italy, 70 to 82.

Stadium of Domitian, by Domitian, at Rome, Italy, 92.

Temple of Bacchus, by unknown, at Baalbek, Lebanon, 150.

The Roman Forum, by collective, at Rome, Italy, -100 to 300.

Thermae of Caracalla, by unknown, at Rome, Italy, 212 to 216.

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