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Chateau de Chambord, by Domenico da Cortona, at Chambord, France, 1519 to 1547.

Chateau de Fontainebleau, by unknown, at Fontainebleau, France, ~ 1550.

Chateau de Versailles, by Andre Le Notre, Louis Le Vau, Jules Hardouin-Mansart, Charles Le Brun, Robert de Cotte, Ange-Janques Bagriel, at Versailles, France, 1661 to 1774.

Chinli Kiosk, by unknown, at Istanbul, Turkey, 1473.

Doge's Palace, by unknown, at Venice, Italy, 1309 to 1424.

Domus Aurea, by Severus and Celer, at Rome, Italy, 64.

Ducal Palace, by Luciano Laurana, at Urbino, Italy, 1468.

Farnese Palace, by Antonio da Sangallo, at Rome, Italy, 1534.

Greenwich Hospital, by Sir Christopher Wren, at Greenwich, England (near London), 1696 to 1715.

Imperial Palace, Kyoto, by unknown, at Kyoto, Japan, 750 to 1855.

Imperial Villa Katsura, by Kobori Enshu, at Kyoto, Japan, 1620 (circa).

Palace at Knossos, by unknown, at Knossos, Crete, -1700 to -1400.

Palace of Charles V, by Pedro Machuca, at Granada, Spain, 1527 to 1568.

Palazzo Strozzi, by Benedetto da Maiano, at Florence, Italy, 1489 to 1539.

Palazzo del Te, by Giulio Romano, at Mantua, Italy, 1526 to 1534.

Potala Palace, by unknown, at Lhasa, Tibet, 1642 to 1650.

Stadium of Domitian, by Domitian, at Rome, Italy, 92.

Stoclet Palace, by Josef Hoffmann, at Brussels, or Bruxelles, Belgium, 1905 to 1911.

The Alhambra, by unknown, at Granada, Spain, 1338 to 1390.

The Escorial, by Juan Bautista de Toledo, Juan de Herrera, at near Madrid, Spain, 1562 to 1584.

The Louvre, by Pierre Lescot, at Paris, France, 1546 to 1878.

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