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Globe Theater, by unknown, at Southwark, London, England, UK, 1599 to 1614.

Glyndebourne Opera House, by Michael Hopkins and Partners, at England, 1994.

Hadrian's Summertime Theater, by unknown, at Tivoli, Italy, 125 to 135.

Halsingborg Concert Hall, by Sven Markelius, at Halsingborg, Sweden, 1932.

Il Teatro del Mondo, by Aldo Rossi, at Venice, Italy, 1979.

Netherlands Dance Theatre, by Rem Koolhaas, at The Hague, Netherlands, 1988.

Oklahoma Theater Center, by John M. Johansen, at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1965 to 1970.

Opera de Arame, by Domingos Bongestabs, at Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil, 1992.

Paris Opera, by Charles Garnier, at Paris, France, 1857 to 1874.

Roman Colosseum, by unknown, at Rome, Italy, 70 to 82.

Schauspielhaus, by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, at Berlin, Germany, 1821.

Teatro Guaíra, by Rubens Meister, at Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil, 1952 to 1974.

Teatro Olimpico, by Andrea Palladio, at Vicenza, Italy, 1584.

Theater at Besancon, by Claude Nicholas Ledoux, at Besancon, France, 1775.

Theater at Epidauros, by Polykleitos, at Epidauros, or Epidhavros, Greece, ~ -300.

Theatre at Delphi, by unknown, at Delphi, Greece, -350.

Werkbund Theater, by Henry van de Velde, at Cologne, Germany, 1914.

Worker's Club, by Alvar Aalto, at Jyvaskyla, Finland, 1924.

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